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Teddy Bear Artist Directory

Last updated on July 5, 2001

This directory to Teddy Bear Artists around the world is an ongoing project that is maintained by Pacific Leisure Marketing and is actively supported by Bears by the Sea. We hope to include every Artist that is dedicated to the creation of Teddy Bears. We also offer a list of links to other web sites with Teddy Bear content.

In order to keep this directory dynamic, we are including an online submit form. If you know of a Artist that has not been included in our directory - use the submit form! If you are already listed, but has recently added a web site - use the submit form! It's free! If you come upon a artist in our directory that you know is no longer in active - e-mail us!

A final note! We try to update this directory at least once a month. Sometimes more frequently. Please be patient! We will get to your listing eventually.

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